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IOM Mast

Price per Unit (piece): 14,00 € ( Jelačić Sailing ) Ask a question about this product

IOM Mast Component:
2m lenght, 11mm in diameter, aluminum or black IOM Mast Yes

Price: 14,00 € (Approx: 18,33 USD) Convert Currency







Available IOM mast colors are Aluminum (factory) and black. Selection
Pre-bend the mast for you.
Install Gooseneck / Kicking Strap on boat.
Drill holes for shrouds and spreaders. Optional installation of shrouds, spreaders & head fitting.
Select mast preset (size), A, B or C (No1, No2, No3).
IOM Mast
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About Our Sails

Advantages of Jelacic 3Dmf sails:
- Curve representing the maximum draft along the height of the sail is constant.
- There are no vertical wrinkles on the sails in top wind conditions for any rig.
- Sails are more easily filled after tacking in very light wind conditions because there are no seams, which made sails stiffer than needed in such conditions.
- Shape of the sails is stable and unchanged, even after long period of storage in sail box or elsewhere.
- Pocket on the luff of sails is made of the same material as body of the sail so there are no wrinkles on the pocket caused by heating or humidity. Also, pocket is wide enough for easier insertion of headsail stay and mainsail jackstay wires allowing easier replacement of the sails on existing rigs.
- All produced sails are identical and proven shape could be reproduced accurately. Human error in the process of sailmaking is reduced to minimum.

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Sails History

First sail making mould for 3D mono film sails was made in y. 2011 and slightly changed in y. 2012. It was designed to allow all IOM sails to be made using the same mould. After two years of extensive trials and testing of sails and improvement of sail manufacturing technology, it was clear that such designed sails could sometimes be difficult to trim. Also, we noted that they are producing too much unwanted force in the upper range of wind speeds for particular rigs. Thus we have started an extensive testing of new shapes for our moulded sails, one mold for jib and other mold for main sail (all marked as "mold 2014"). Our aim was to have sails which could be easy to trim for various wind speeds using as flat as possible sail shapes having in mind light wind speed performance. At year 2015 (mould 2015) we have developed new sail shape that we believe are excellent all around sails.

New sail making technology was developed in mid-2014 allowing easy exchange of the sail making mould from one to other. Manufacturing time was shortened and sails made using new technologies are generally better than the old ones.

Starting from 2015, translucency sail material is used for sail making. (Similar material is used by most other IOM sailmakers.)

Sail making mould made in 2012 was being used as standard option up to December 2014. Sails made after December 2014 to end of March 2015 have been made using mould 2014 after that we are using mould 2015 as standard because such new sails proved better in majority of wind speeds.

We will continue our testing of new sail shapes but be sure that sails offered on our website as factory "standard" are the best option for most weather conditions.

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Address: Marina Getaldića 6, Split, Croatia
Gsm: ++385/(0)91 560 1682
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